The Braemar Pension & SIPP: Ensuring the best for your retirement savings

The Braemar Pension & SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension) is a revolutionary development that enables you to take out an ultra low cost Personal Pension with the flexibility to activate full, bespoke SIPP functionality as you need it – and then revert back to an ultra low cost Personal Pension when you don’t. All without you ever having to move your money from one provider to another.

New regulation of SIPPs means that the investment restrictions generally associated with Pension Plans have been lifted. As well as the generous tax reliefs all Personal Pension Plans attract, Self Invested Personal Pensions now allow you and your adviser to access EVERY permissible investment with your Pension Plan.

The Braemar Pension & SIPP, when coupled with discretionary fund management,
enables your adviser to provide you with the ideal portfolio for your
retirement savings, tailored to your individual circumstances.

Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs)

Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) offer the highest degree of choice and flexibility of any UK personal pension scheme.

There are, broadly speaking, two types of SIPP. The first is the bespoke SIPP that allows your pension to hold any HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) permissible asset (cash, stocks, shares, bonds, gilts, unit trusts, OEICs, exchange traded funds, commercial property and land, gold, etc.). These are true SIPPs that offer the ultimate in choice and flexibility, but they have historically been very expensive to establish and run.

The second option is the low cost SIPP/Pension. These offer access to a wide range of investment funds, but do not encompass every available option and as such are often referred to as ‘restricted SIPPs’ or ‘quasi SIPPs’ as they technically still operate as Personal Pensions.

In selecting the best Pension/SIPP for your needs it is usually quite obvious at the outset which of these two routes suits your circumstance best. The problem lies in how your needs change in the future. A low cost fund based Personal Pension type arrangement may be ideal for you today. But when an investment opportunity comes along that this cannot refuse, you will need to move to a bespoke SIPP in order to hold such assets.

For this reason many advisers now recommend the bespoke ‘future proof’ SIPP option at outset. However, this does mean that initially their clients are paying fees for functionality that they are not using.

This dilemma has led to the development of the Braemar Pension & SIPP, which operates as an ultra low-cost Personal Pension giving discretionary fund managers access to all FSA regulated investments available, but also providing all of the flexibility and functionality of a bespoke SIPP if/when you need this.

Benefits & charges of The Braemar Pension & SIPP

In low cost Personal Pension mode our Pension & SIPP has a market leading annual management charge of just 0.5% per year, capped at a maximum of £125 per year, and gives you and your adviser access to all FSA regulated investment funds.

In the event that you or your adviser require non-regulated investments (such as

commercial property, land, etc), these can still be added to your pension, but you only ever pay the additional fees for such investments if and when you use them.