Investing in ISAs, investment bonds, OEICS or unit trusts are an effective way to make your money work harder for you. The problem is knowing how to get the most from your money and deciding which options you’re best suited to.

That’s where we can help. We work closely with Parmenion, an independent provider of investment solutions. Their service offers a broad range of different investment management solutions aimed at offering investment choice and flexibility within a framework that enables simplicity and consistency.

If you’d like further information we’ve outlined our investment proposition below. To discuss our investment options in more detail please email or call us on 0161 980 7981 to arrange a free initial consultation.

What are your investment options?

Risk Profiling

All of our investment solutions offer a spectrum of risk graded portfolios which are matched to the risk profiler. This ensures that all portfolios remain broadly constant with the selected level of risk regardless of which investment solution is selected.

Investment Solutions

We have established a range of investment options using Parmenion’s technology and investment solutions. These are:-

Parmenion Passive

  • No “fund manager” involved.
  • Low cost solution.
  • Choice of 10 risk graded portfolios which can be used to match your risk profile.
  • Investment philosophy to “track the market” and achieve “market returns”.
  • When buying tracker funds there are three types available:

Full replication - buys the shares in the index in full.

Sampling - buys bits and bobs of the Market but not the full index.

Synthetic - uses derivative style contracts which can be illiquid, hard to trade and may not behave like the actual index!

  • Full Replication.
  • Avoid trackers that lend their shares to hedge funds for shorting as this puts assets at risk.

Parmenion Frontier Focus

Parmenion have teamed up with Frontier who offer a specialist multi-asset and alternative investment solution. Frontier was the first company in the UK to offer true multi asset style investing, using advanced indexation methods and incorporating significant allocations to alternative investments.

Frontier’s low cost approach to multi asset investing is based on the collective wisdom of the leading investment theory over the past 100 years: Markowitz’s research on diversification, the overwhelming evidence in favour of index investing for traditional asset classes as well as the investment practices of the US University Endowment Funds (including Harvard and Yale).

The Frontier solution is a half-way house between pure passive and pure active. This investment philosophy places great value upon the research and empirical evidence accumulated over the past 100 years.

Parmenion Active

  • Due diligence process for active funds.
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Screening; only once a fund has passed quantitative screening (and has produced “fund manager skill” over time) will the fund move to the qualitative stage of analysis.
  • Objective to “beat” market returns.
  • Choice of 10 risk graded portfolios that can be tailored to your attitude to risk.
  • Solutions are built around 7 asset classes.

Ethical Investment

Ethical investment attempts to allow the individual investor to put their capital to work in the service of ethical or environmental ends. The Braemar Wealth Management Ethical solution is most suited to investors wanting a broad ethical bias.

Ethical investment can be split between Cautious, Balanced and Active however there’s an Income Portfolio which aims to provide a level of income that is 20% greater than that of the broad UK stock market along with the prospect of capital growth.