The Braemar Pension Review Service

The Braemar Pension Review is a free, independent, no obligation service.

Designed to help you assess your retirement plans, your review will provide you with an independent, objective analysis of your existing pension arrangements. *

Why Review?

Far too often we see clients with a number of pensions from different companies or from previous employers which they either don’t understand or are invested in funds with disappointing performance.

Pensions are often the last thing to be reviewed. We often see that:

  • The pension is performing badly
  • There are high charges
  • There have been no reviews since the pension was started
  • The funds invested in don’t match your attitude to risk
  • The fund choice is limited with sometimes only one fund being selected
  • The pension does not have any diversification of either fund manager, risk or any asset allocation
  • Contribution levels have not been reviewed since inception
  • The level of likely pension income will be inadequate

Pensions can be complicated, but they don’t have to be; understanding where you want to be is our job.

The size of your ultimate pension fund will determine how much income you have at retirement. Excessive charges, poor performance or a delay in addressing any contribution shortfall will have a dramatic impact on your fund.

What’s included in your Pension Review

Firstly we assess your attitude to risk and produce a report so we can calculate which funds best match your risk profile.

Secondly we write to your pension provider(s) to obtain all available information including details of the charges and investment performance.

Thirdly, we compare your existing arrangements to what is currently available within the pension market place.

Finally, we produce a report. This will show whether it’s in your interests to stay with your current provider or not.

How do we get paid?

If our recommendation is that your pension(s) should stay where it is, then there will be no charge.

If our recommendation is to move your pension(s) and you accept this advice, you will be given a choice of payment options:

  • A fee paid directly from you to Braemar Wealth Management
  • Your permission for us to receive a commission from the new pension provider
  • A combination of both of the above

The Braemar Pension Review Plus

If you have a deferred final salary pension then unfortunately we can’t offer a free Pension Review as the review and analysis in these cases require a more detailed report and specialist advice.

The good news is that we have all the necessary skills needed to produce this report in-house. If you would like your final salary pension reviewed, you can commission a detailed report for an initial fee of £250 per pension scheme.

Note: You will be under no obligation to follow our advice or recommendations.

* Pensions with an existing employer to which you and/or your employer are currently contributing cannot be moved or changed; therefore these plans are excluded from our free pension review.