1. Win-win situation
If you’ve a house full of useful items gathering dust or if you need to occasionally use anything from a chocolate fountain to a car then RentMyItems is the site for you! You can save some serious money by renting tools and equipment if you’re embarking on a large DIY project or alternatively you can make some cash from things you hardly ever use.
2. Take that and party!
It’s a subject that’s cropped up before, but with a twist. Yes, regifting used to be a behind closed doors affair but it’s time the world was ready to accept the reality of regifting so why not hold a party? Everyone who attends brings a wrapped, unwanted gift with them and ‘donates’ it to the gift pile, then you can either play games to see who selects a present next or pull numbers from a hat. So not only do you get some socialising done on the cheap but you also walk away with a gift!
4. Film club
Another one for the more sociable money saver - start a film club - much cheaper than the cinema or even just renting a DVD! Yes, once a month you either host a film night or go round to someone else’s to watch a good film, have a few nibbles and discuss it afterwards.
5. Baby you can drive my car
Well, not quite drive, but you can get a lift! There are numerous carpooling websites where you can specify where you’re travelling from and where you’d like to get to, including international destinations. It obviously pays to be mindful of personal safety, but in principal this sounds like a really great way to get around whilst sharing the costs, plus you might even make a new friend or two.
6. Live like a local
Like many of these tips, the internet has made it easier to connect with others and bypass the traditional routes we’re all used to like, for example, hotels. Wimdu is just one of many websites that offer to put you in touch with people who will rent you their house, flat or room in most major European cities. As well as saving money you’ll also benefit from your hosts hints and tips to make your stay more authentic.
7. Weddings on a budget
We all know that weddings can be very costly affairs but you can at least make things easier for yourself by working out your budget and sticking to it. You can download an online budget planner which will help make sure you don’t overspend from sites like Wedding Chaos and My Wedding Dreams.
8. Signed, sealed, delivered
If you’ve never done your food shopping online then you could be looking at saving a tidy 10% or more on your first shop. And given that this will be the case with your first online shop at each of the major supermarkets this could prove a significant saving, despite it being a one-off. Look out for on and offline adverts and take advantage when you can.
9. The good life
If you need to watch the pennies but would still like to eat out on a regular basis then you should take a look at sites like Toptable who offer discounts at restaurants near to you. By simply thinking ahead and booking via the site you can take advantage of 2 for 1 offers, buy 1 get 1 free offers and great value set menus.
10. Stamp out inflation
As we all know, the price of stamps will be increasing at the end of this month, so it may be worth buying some books now to avoid the increase and save a few quid.